Thursday, January 27, 2011


I am going to George Fox in the fall and have been on a mad search for Scholarships. It stresses me out. A lot. But sometimes you have to do the hard stuff to get to where you want to be, right? If any of you reading this know of any good scholarships/grants, or websites where I can find some, please let me know! I would be forever greatful. I am also getting ready for a Scholarship Competition, in February. My essays need some improvement and I'm nervous about the interviews with the Nursing Faculty, but Lord willingly, I hope everything works out okay.

I heard you can post videos on here... I might just have to do that soon. :)
Videos are like fresh air. Hhhhh(That was a deep breath)

By the way, how does that 365Pictures thing work. Do I just use the little picture thing when I post a pic everyday? And should I post 1 pic a day, or post 7 pics at the end of the week?!



  1. hey so go to the like on my page about the project365! it will give you more info! i just do a picture each day but don't post it till saturday when we link up with everyone so just one post for the whole week!