Sunday, January 30, 2011

Project365 Take 1!

<a href=" alt="Project365" src=">
My first week doing the Project365 photos!!

Thursday, 1.27.11
"Two Faced?"

Friday, 1.28.11

Saturday, 1.29.11
"Fixed to useable"

I'm excited to look through all the pictures you guys have put up!!!


  1. I couldn't get the Project365 photo to work, but the link to her page is up there!

  2. love that your doing this also!! so to get her little button to post on your blog copy it from her side bar, if that makes since!! p.s. love the HOLY jeans ;)

  3. ha ha Travis in the "Fascination" picture is awesome

  4. Love the pictures! Welcome to the group =] I love the coloring in the Fascination picture. That tint is fantastic!

  5. Hey! Are you in Portland, Oregon?? That place looks like Pioneer Square! :)

    OH yeah, to get the button to work, you gotta press the tab "HTML" when you're typing your post. Or you can put it in the side-bar too!

    Thanks for joining!! :)

  6. Yes! That is Pioneer Square!!!